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Cheating is not something to be proud of, here are 10 reasons why cheating is wrong.
Cheating in American high schools is rampant. A recent ABCNews survey of 12- to 17-year-olds provided these statistics:
•70% of teens say at least some kids at school cheat on tests.
•60% have friends who have cheated.
•30% say they've already made a mistake, reaching 43% of 16 and 17 year olds.
•More than 50% say cheaters don't get caught.
Unfaithfulit's the same as lying and stealing. Every time you turn in a school project, you're basically telling the teacher that you completed that work yourself. Is this true or if you cheated at work he is lying. Cheating is also stealing because you are taking someone else's work and calling it your own.
Betrayal causes stress. When you cheat, you inevitably worry about getting caught. The stress of being caught increases when
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Obviously, cheating is unfair to honest students. A cheater gets through deceit what honest students work hard to get; and in classes graded on a curve, he lowers his grades to boot. Pasting also makes the diploma cheaper. How valuable can a sheepskin be if so many people receive it under false pretenses? But the devaluation is not just figurative. An Iowa state diploma is a valuable commodity only if people trust it to be a mark of excellence. That trust is undermined as people learn about the number of cheating on campus.
But the most worrying thing is thatacademic dishonestyperverts the core mission of a university. . . An education is much more than learning facts. And it's more than mastering problem-solving skills, understanding complicated topics, spotting nonsense (sophistications), and articulating your points of view. Quality education requires a commitment to deepening understanding of oneself and one's place in the social and natural world; and, when successful, leads to a critical examination of the assumptions that guide the very


  • Honor Code: Student Integrity

    808 words | 4 pages

    In schools, cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable. No matter what situation the student finds themselves in, cheating is not the answer. It is unfair for a student to cheat or plagiarize the work of others. Many schools have established an honor code so that students understand the seriousness of cheating. My school does not have an honor code that all students must follow. Certain professors will include some sort of honor code on their resume but sometimes never enforce it. The teachers at the school I attend assume that students are capable of academic integrity. I have seen and experienced other students cheating and I have never been caught for it. If they were caught, the teacher would simply mention to the student that they were caught,

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  • high school cheating

    804 words | 4 pages

    Grades are one of the biggest stresses in high school. With all the big tests and the fear that if you fail your whole future will be ruined. Also, most kids feel like they are always doing something for school, whether it's studying or doing their homework, they often feel the need to cheat on them. Most schools are based on standardized tests and how you do on them, high school students are very stressed on a regular basis.

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  • cheating

    495 words | 2 pages

    There are many students who are guilty of cheating on schoolwork. With easy access to the Internet, students can pay others online to do their work. It is now an easy way for students to go online and buy a job when they are too busy to sit down and do the work themselves. It seems that as technology grows bigger and bigger and more websites appear, more people stop working and stop being creative. When are they going to stop cheating or stop being lazy? That's the real question. Also, students with cell phones use the phone to connect with their friends to get answers to a classroom test. Plagiarism is a difficult thing to do when doing an assignment. when doing a task you need to do

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  • Encouraging the ethical analysis of students who cheat

    992 words | 4 pages

    High school and college student ethics have increased over the years and only increased. Cheating has been a tremendous epidemic for a long period of time and has recently skyrocketed due to the creation of smartphones and electronic devices. Students who are academically dodgy are often in special and advanced placement classes because they are challenged and learn a more rigorous curriculum than other students in college preparatory courses. The reason for their actions is because of the academic stress that students receive on a daily basis to get admirable grades in order to go to a recognized university.

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  • dbq plagiarism

    898 words | 4 pages

    The nature of cheating stems from the common misconception of helping others and the student's lack of self-confidence. Plagiarism, not unlike cheating, pervades the wide range of information about today's technology. Through an authentic study, it was revealed that teachers found that many students cheated in complex tasks. Even deceitful students who maintained a high grade point average were found to be participants in academic dishonesty. Today, teachers are looking to find different measures that should be taken to reduce cheating and plagiarism. But, some of these private tutors handle this situation very badly. Teachers should inform students about the consequences of cheating,

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  • Analysis of Exam Trap Utilitarianism

    859 words | 4 pages

    Utilitarianism is one of the best ethical approaches that can be used to justify a right action from a wrong action by focusing on the outcome of the path taken. What is most important is that the action taken to achieve a given outcome is of greatest benefit to society at large. If the result is bad, it can be used to morally justify some acts, however inhumane. On the other hand, utilitarianism also does not justify everything because it is difficult at the moment to predict whether the actions taken will be good or bad in the end. Also, values ​​cannot be posted. It cannot account for social justice and other human rights. of utilitarianism

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  • groveton code of honor

    521 words | 3 pages

    The author of the student editorial appears to uphold the code of honor that Groveton expects of its students, but the author assumes that the code itself is solely responsible for the alleged reduction in cheating at the school. Citing research to further emphasize the aforementioned assumption, the author only invites further speculation on the matter rather than providing further evidence as intended. Although cheating is frowned upon at all universities, this editorial is full of fallacious assumptions and inferences, making the argument weak and unconvincing.

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  • Academic Integrity: Academic Dishonesty at the University

    467 words | 2 pages

    Other outcomes affecting the university include an institution's reputation permanently damaged if incidents of cheating are published (Keith). For the student, the results of academic dishonesty include not acquiring the knowledge needed to earn a degree and cheating becoming an acceptable habit. Honest students who only witness academic dishonesty are also affected. The effects of honest students include disenchantment with higher education and disadvantages caused by the inflation of scores of dishonest students (Keith). The theme of academic dishonesty becoming a habit if successful resonates with me. In my opinion, cheating actually becomes a pervasive, acceptable habit if academic dishonesty is not addressed.

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  • Essay honor codes in schools

    619 words | 3 pages

    According to Professor Donald L McCabe, an honor code or honor system is based on a "culture of academic integrity" (C). Honest students will remain honest whether or not there is an honor code. In contrast, dishonest students do not automatically become honest with the institution of an honor code. Honor serves only to reinforce academic integrity; it cannot reinforce what is not there. Some claim that a strict honor code will prevent all forms of dishonest behavior, but a major cheating scandal at the University of Virginia, an institute of higher learning known for its strict honor code, shows that dishonest students will continue to cheat regardless of whether any honor. code or honor system in place (D). A study conducted at a university reports that 40% of students violated their honor code and were not caught (E). This further proves that the honor codes and systems need to be overhauled as they do not create an academically focused student body.

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  • student stereotypes

    699 words | 3 pages

    The first few days of school always decide who's the cheater and who's the honest guy. One of the ways in which these notions are made about a person is the way he acts. Source C states that, "As more people behave like 'honest' types than they normally would, the impression that everyone is honest increases and the expectation of getting caught increases even more." More students have become so aware of labels in an academic setting that they won't be themselves and make a better impression than they normally would. This gives the student environment the idea that they are not cheaters or vice versa. First impressions can be made in many different ways, but each way creates a stereotype. Cheating in this kind of environment increases the guesswork of those around you, making it harder for you to get caught cheating. An example of a bad academic environment is someone coming to a conclusion about you based on a first impression, but that won't change. Therefore, the honor codes must be abolished so that there is a true academic formation.

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  • Essay by Richard Perez-Penasept: Analysis of the article

    847 words | 4 pages

    Betrayal is not new to society. It has been seen over the years in schools and in life. Today, however, the cheating epidemic is out of control. In an essay written by Richard Perez-Penasept, he gives us the facts of how out of control cheating is and how a new set of rules on how to deal with cheating may be needed. New competitive mindsets, easier access to online sources and a lack of integrity are reasons why schools should have tougher penalties against cheaters.

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  • Academic Integrity on College Campuses

    316 words | 2 pages

    Tiffany Mikkelson Composition 106 February 14, 2016 Honor System In the essay "Is Academic Integrity in our College Campuses Under Assault." Ask if having an honor system helps keep students from cheating. I can see both sides of how having one may or may not help. Having an honor system is a good idea as it will help keep most students honest. Many students don't want to do anything that could get them suspended or expelled from school. These students choose to play by the rules and just do the work, no matter how difficult. As much as many students want to be honest, some students try so hard in a class that they think the only way to pass is to cheat. Unfortunately. there are many people who can be paid to write an article or

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  • Why plagiarism is incorrect essay

    1047 words | 5 pages

    By definition, plagiarism is "the act of taking someone else's work and trying to pass it off as your own." There are many different types of plagiarism, such as someone writing an article for you, copying Somers' work, or simply copying something directly from the Internet. Plagiarism is wrong in many ways because if you get caught you are just hurting yourself. You get hurt by having teachers who question who you really are. Plagiarism is cheating. It's not fair to people who actually write what you're stealing because they don't get credit for it. Nothing good comes out of plagiarism.

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  • Task Questions: Is Cheating Ethical Decision Making?

    982 words | 4 pages

    I remember some classmates, cheating in high school. Throughout my entire educational career, I have met many cheaters. Plagiarism is considered a form of cheating. The punishment changed from zero to expulsion. Many students who cheat are only cheating themselves. Now, in college, cheating will put an academic notice on your transcript, making it visible to other institutions. I'll be honest, about cheating in the distant past. I take full responsibility that cheating is an unethical habit. Most students decide to cheat because they want high grades without too much effort. I can't remember the exact incident, which occurred during the cheating, although I do remember. We learn from our mistakes as we mature.

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  • Ethics: The importance of ethics in our society

    1024 words | 5 pages


    We learn the difference between right and wrong from childhood, but we are always told that lying and cheating always make things difficult, but when students go to school and college, they face different dilemmas, as cheating seems to be the easiest way . take good grades. They don't really see cheating as a wrong way of doing things, they see it as an easy way of doing things. They don't even consider it unethical because they've been taught that doing the right thing is the easy way out. They are taught that the right way and the ethical way is always the easiest way, but in reality this is not true. The ethical and correct path is difficult and complex as J.K. Rowling said, "Sometimes we must choose between what is right and what is easy."

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