Top 10 HR webinar topics for 2020 (2023)

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HR webinars are the best way to learn more about the fast-paced world of HR. They allow you to stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry and listen to key peopleHR Thought LeadersThey help you with practical advice, from top tips to strategic planningSimplify your HR process. Hosting an HR webinar is a great way to showcase your expertise in your field and spread the word about your company.

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Build brand awareness and authority

Whether you listen live or on-demand, there's no denying that HR webinars are one of the most useful by-products of the pandemic. They provide a convenient and reliable way to access leading information from the comfort of your home. Some webinars even allow viewers to earn recertification points toward HRCI or SHRM certifications.

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Hosting an HR webinar is also a great way to build brand awareness and authority as well as engage with your audience and the wider HR community. In this article, we take a look at some of the most relevant HR topics currently being discussed, all of which would be an ideal topic for hosting your first webinar.

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Top 10 HR webinar topics for 2020

1. Employee Engagement

Employee engagementis one of the cornerstones of successful business management, but has experienced a historic decline due to recent events.According to GallupEmployee engagement fell to 31% in June 2020, the biggest decline in the US since 2000.

As the transition to remote work continues, finding new strategies to engage remote teams is more important than ever. Webinars can explore common practices at highly engaged companies, what trends are shaping employee experience, and how to engage remote workers.

2. Attract and retain top talent

Talent management has long been a top priority for HR leaders and is voluntarystaff turnoverAmid the rise, managers must work harder than ever to retain top talent. Millennials are the largest generation on the job market,three times as likelymore willing to change jobs than their predecessors. according tonew research63% of more than 600 US companies say that retaining employees is actually more difficult than hiring them.

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However alone30% of employerssay they changed their approach to talent management to reduce average retention times. Winning the 'war for talent' is a much-discussed HR topic, and a great webinar provides insight into the recruitment strategies for the best candidates and how to effectively recruit and attract new employees.

3. Remotely manage team performance

The pandemic has introduced a new hybrid workforce model in which teams are split between home and office. A hybrid work environment offers equal opportunities, challenges, benefits and risks, so discussing different working methods is crucialperformance managementFor remote teams.

There is much debate about whether it is wise to implement thisremote performance evaluationBut research shows that collaboration and accountability help maintain trust and connections between different teams. Discussion points for webinars can include building a healthy feedback culture, achieving alignment through setting goals and targets, and effectively recognizing and rewarding people.

4. Employee Recognition, Rewards and Benefits

The real strength of any company lies in its commitment to well-being at the individual, team and organizational levels. In these unprecedented times, protecting employee well-being is paramount, and rewarding employees for their efforts will make a meaningful difference in the long run. What many remote workers are currently missing isRecognition and awards

Regular recognition is a great way to restore workplace connections, togetherness, and engagement among remote workers. With 69% of employees saying they would work harder if they were valued better, finding effective reward and recognition strategies for employees is an important avenue to explore. Discussions could consider why rewards and recognition make sense and how to implement them for remote teams.

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5. Responding to the pandemic and other challenges

The world is changing fast. As the coronavirus crisis continues, companies have successfully adapted to remote working. However, HR professionals must have the right tools to deal with this pandemic and beyond.

The actions of leaders and HR professionals have never been more important. Webinars can explore tips for navigating the workplace after the pandemic, the growing role of HR professionals, and frameworks and tools for leaders to future-proof their contingent workforce programs.

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6. Diversity, equality and inclusion

Diversity, equality and inclusion are increasingly important in today's global political, economic and business environment. Everyone agrees that DE&I is important, but leaders and employees aren't sure what they're doing. urgently needed betterCorporate diversity initiativesHuman resources play a crucial role in steering an organization in the right direction.

HR departments need to ask themselves if they are just “ticking the boxes” or if they are actually making an impact on the employee journey. DE&I webinars can consider how diversity can drive business, and practical steps to achieve real and meaningful diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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7. Build a strong and transparent corporate culture

In today's environment, values ​​have taken on a new and more important role in helping define and build corporate culture. Culture is what makes a great organization stand out, especially in tough times. Companies need to create a healthy company culture to increase engagement, well-being and retention. Webinars allow you to explore how to define your organizational culture, how to create a culture that resonates with remote workers, and how to shape a culture that meets the needs of multi-generational workers.

8. Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources

One of the most important trends in the HR field in 2020 is the introduction of artificial intelligence in the HR field. The ability of AI algorithms to automate tasks will free up HR teams to focus on strategic HR. In addition, data-driven insights will increase employee engagement and performance management.

Global research shows that artificial intelligence is changing the relationship between people and technology at work. The webinar can unravel some of the confusion surrounding AI and HR while exploring the strategic benefits of data-driven decision-making.

9. Support managers in virtual worlds

Leaders must adapt and evolve to thrive in a rapidly changing world. according to a studyHarvard business review40% of supervisors and managers surveyed reported a lack of confidence in their ability to manage employees remotely. Digital transformation has accelerated and processes are changing to meet new and different needs.

40% of supervisors and managers are not confident in their ability to manage employees remotely

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Leaders need to hone their management skills to excel at managing remote workers and keeping employees engaged, engaged, and productive. Successful webinars discuss strategies for facilitating communication within remote organizations, key leadership skills needed to keep employees productive, and the power of positive leadership.

10. HR Trends for 2021

Everyone wants to know the latest trends in human resources. Hosting a webinar that looks ahead at HR trends in 2021 is a surefire way to get lots of signups. Trends change, but webinars can address digital transformation, employee experience, and the growing need for resilient leaders.

what are you waiting for...

Webinars are an invaluable tool for promoting your business and networking with other HR professionals and leaders around the world. Take advantage of this key industry resource and start planning your first webinar today.


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