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turtle images withturtle

Python has a library calledturtleThis is part of a standard Python installation. To use it, just type:

from turtle imports *


imported turtle

You can experiment with turtle graphics by entering this command directly into the python interpreter, or better yet, add this line at the top of your program and use the turtle plot command in your program!

insideturtlepackage When you run a program with the turtle command, a special window will open where you will draw.

Turtle code sample for drawing stars

python direction (1)

turtle star

Turtle can draw complex shapes using programs that repeat simple actions. Code to draw the stars above.

from turtle import * color('red', 'yellow') begin_fill() while True: forward(200) left(170) if abs(pos()) < 1: break end_fill() 完成()

The complete turtle reference!

The following table describes the turtle commands needed to get started.

View the full collectionturtleto go officialPython 3.1 Turtle-page.

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turtle command

General commands availableturtleindicated below. Click on an assignment for more information.

Every time() radian() reset()
clearly() tracer (flag) forward (distance)
backward (distance) left corner) right corner)
upwards() down() latitude (width)
color(*parameters) start fill() end fill()
course (angle) windowwidth() windowHeight()
Place() setx(xpos) setting (ypos)
go to(x,y) title()

Every time()

Sets the angle input method to degrees. All subsequent angle entries are assumed to be measured in degrees. This is the default setting.


Sets the angle input method to radians. All angle entries below are assumed to be radial measurements.


Reset everything to default and clear the canvas. after callingreset, the canvas will be in exactly the same state as it was when the import command was called: you have a blank canvas with a turtle (black, fill set to unfilled) pointing to the center of the right (heading = 0.0).


Erases the entire canvas and redraws the turtle. Do not move the turtle.

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tracer (n=none, delay=none)

Enables/disables the turtle animation and sets a delay for updating the drawing.

If a non-negative integer n is given, only every nth regular screen update is performed. Can be used to speed up the drawing of complex graphics. When called with no arguments, the currently stored value of n is returned. The second parameter sets the delay value (see delay()).

By closing the turtle, the turtle disappears and pullsa lot ofhurry. The drawing commands are still executed without the turtle and lines are still drawn when the turtle moves. usageupwardsIndownTurn plotting on and off, or just useset up,set, ofgoA function to move without drawing.

forward (distance)

make the turtle move forwarddistance, draw a line behind the turtle. This line is also drawn when the turtle is knocked out.

backward (distance)

move the turtle backdistance, to draw a line along the path traveled. This line is also drawn when the turtle is knocked out.

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left corner)

turn the turtle to the lefthoek.ifBachelor of Sciencehas been called (default),hoekis used as a measure; ifradialis called,hoekInterpreted as a measure in radians.

right corner)

turn the turtle to the righthoek.ifBachelor of Sciencehas been called (default),hoekis used as a measure; ifradialis called,hoekInterpreted as a measure in radians.


Stop drawing. untildownWhen you receive a call, nothing is drawn on the screen. However, the cursor movement still has an effect.


Resume drawing after callingupwardscommands in betweenupwardsIndownstatement is not plotted, but after the commanddownThe statement is displayed normally.

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latitude (width)

set to useaheadInbehindOrder.


Change the current color. The current color used to draw the lineaheadInbehind, and when filling the moldend fill()is calledstart fill().color can be given as a single color string (egcolor blue"),color ("Chocolate"),color ("Peru"),color("#a0df00"), ofcolor("#1dead1")).A triplet of floating-point RGB values ​​(egcolor((0.1,0.5,0.9))ofcolor((95/255., 12/255., 9/255.))) can use.

start fill()

Used to fill shapes. First callstart fill()and continue drawing the outline of the shape you want to fill. Call when the form is completeend fill().whenstart fill()Invoke the command and the resulting polygon will be filled with the current color (the outer line color will also change). However, if an interior angle in the resulting polygon is greater than 180°, the resulting filled polygon will include only the first two segmentsstart fill()statement, forming a triangle.


Python direction? ›

To change the direction the turtle is facing, you can use either the right() or left() function. These functions only work when you pass in a number value that specifies the number of degrees to turn. Let's see a few examples of how to move the turtle up, down, left, and right using the right() and left() functions.

How do you get the current direction of a turtle in Python? ›

Description. turtle_getpos returns the Turtle's current position on the plane. turtle_getangle returns the Turtle's current direction, in degrees.

What is turtle turtle () in Python? ›

Turtle is a Python feature that lets us draw. turtle is a pre-installed Python library that allows users to create pictures and shapes with a provided, virtual canvas. The onscreen pen you use to draw is called the turtle.

How do you change the heading of a turtle in Python? ›

You can change the turtle's heading using the setheading function. The center of the circle (or other polygon) drawn by the circle function is a distance of radius from the left side of the turtle – 90 degrees to the left of the turtle's current heading.) If extent is not given, draw the entire circle.

How do you make a turtle turn in Python? ›

forward/back makes turtle jump and likewise left/right make the turtle turn instantly.

How do I get the current path in Python? ›

Python get current directory:

To return the directory you are currently in, we use the OS module to interact with the operating system. Under the OS module, we use the os. getcwd() method to return the path of the current directory.

How do I get the current path in Python shell? ›

There are a couple of ways to get the current working directory in Python:
  1. By using the os module and the os. getcwd() method.
  2. By using the pathlib module and the Path. cwd() method.
Mar 28, 2023

What does Bob turtle turtle () mean in Python? ›

This means that bob refers to an object with type Turtle as defined in module turtle . mainloop tells the window to wait for the user to do something, although in this case there's not much for the user to do except close the window. Once you create a Turtle, you can call a method to move it around the window.

What does turtle right mean Python? ›

down(): Sets the pen state to be down (drawing). turtle. right(degrees): Turns the direction that the turtle is facing right (clockwise) by the amount indicated (in degrees). turtle. left(degrees): Turns the direction that the turtle is facing left (counter clockwise) by the amount indicated (in degrees).

What is the difference between turtle and turtle in Python? ›

Turtle means “The Turtle type that is defined within the turtle module”. (Remember that Python is case sensitive, so the module name, turtle , with a lowercase t , is different from the type Turtle because of the uppercase T .)

How do you change the direction of a turtle? ›

To change the direction the turtle is facing, you can use either the right() or left() function. These functions only work when you pass in a number value that specifies the number of degrees to turn.

How do you set a turtle position? ›

setpos (also can be used as . setposition()) can be used to set a position for turtle. If you combine it with penup() and pendown() methods you can avoid drawing while positioning the turtle. Technically all of these methods will do the same thing and move turtle to coordinates (100,100):

Which direction is turtle pointed by default? ›

Explanation: By default, the turtle is pointed towards the east direction. We can change the direction of the turtle by using certain commands. However, whenever the turtle is reset, it points towards east.

Which command moves the turtle in forward direction? ›

turtle_forward moves the Turtle in forward direction and turtle_backward moves the Turtle back.

What command will be used to move the turtle in the left and then right direction? ›

The command right (or rt ) is just like left , except that it turns the turtle clockwise, toward its own right.

How to change directory in Python? ›

Change the current working directory: os.chdir()

Use the chdir() function in Python to change the current working directory. The path to the directory you wish to change to is the only parameter the method allows. You can use either an absolute or relative path argument.

How do you write a path in Python? ›

On Windows, paths are written using backslashes ( \ ) as the separator between folder names. On Unix based operating system such as macOS, Linux, and BSDs, the forward slash ( / ) is used as the path separator.

How to get directory from path in Python? ›

Use os. path. dirname() to get the directory folder (name) from a path string. If you want to get only the directory name directly above the file, use os.

How do you write hello in Python turtle? ›

Step 01: Import the turtle module.
  1. import turtle #This will allows us to use the turtles library. Step 02: Create a turtle to control. ...
  2. win = turtle.Screen() #creates a graphics window as win. win.title("Hello World") #giving the title as 'Hello World' ...
  3. turta = turtle.Turtle() #I gave the name turta for my turtle.
Nov 19, 2020

What is Python turtle Tracer? ›

The tracer() function turns automatic screen updates on or off -- on by default -- and also sets the update() delay. In Python 2, the first argument to tracer() is boolean, True to have automatic screen updates on, False to turn them off.

What does right () do in Python? ›

Definition and Usage

The rjust() method will right align the string, using a specified character (space is default) as the fill character.

What does IDE mean in Python? ›

An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that helps programmers develop software code efficiently.

Why do programmers use Python turtle? ›

In short, the Python turtle library helps new programmers get a feel for what programming with Python is like in a fun and interactive way. turtle is mainly used to introduce children to the world of computers. It's a straightforward yet versatile way to understand the concepts of Python.

Can you have more than one turtle in Python? ›

Multiple Turtles

You can make more than one turtle. Just give them different names! You can then make them do different things or give them different colors.

What is the advantage of turtle in Python? ›

The turtle module is a builtin module in python, meaning you do not have to install it. It is used to create basic 2D shapes and drawings and is extremely beginner friendly. The main advantages of turtle is that it is extremely simple and makes it very easy to draw things to the screen.

What is turtle direction? ›

It is believed that the turtle brings a great deal of bliss and success to the house. Along with Lord Kuber, it governs the north center of the house. Therefore, it should always be kept in the north direction.

Why is my turtle upside down? ›

When swimming, turtles with severe respiratory infections, such as those caused by vitamin A deficiency, can tilt to the side, causing them to flip over. A lack of vitamin A changes a turtle's mucous membranes in their eyes, mouth, and respiratory tract.

How do turtles know what direction to go? ›

Scientists have long known that the turtles, like many animals, navigate at sea by sensing the invisible lines of the magnetic field, similar to how sailors use latitude and longitude.

Should you flip a turtle over? ›

(Clearly this may not be possible with very big or aggressive turtles where you need to keep the head pointed away from you at all times.) Turning a turtle side over side can cause the intestine to twist, which is painful and can kill your turtle. DON'T complete the circle!

Which side should the turtle face? ›

The tortoise figurine should be placed in the north direction, according to Vastu Shastra. The direction is ruled by the Lord of wealth, Kuber. One should note that keeping a crystal tortoise facing north direction in home or office is recommended in Vastu Shastra.

Which command turns the turtle in any direction clockwise to its home position? ›

Answer: The SETH command turns the turtle in clockwise direction by the given number of units.

What does forward () do in Python? ›

forward() is similar to call method but with registered hooks. This is used to directly call a method in the class when an instance name is called. These methods are inherited from nn. Module.

Which command is used to turn right turtle? ›

Answer: The command right (or rt) is just like left, except that it turns the turtle clockwise, toward its own right.

Which command rotate the turtle so that it faces the opposite side? ›

Hence command rt 180 rotates the turtle by i.e. it faces the opposite side.

Which command we used to move forward? ›

In all major Internet browsers, you can move forwards and backwards by pressing and holding the Alt key and then pressing the left or right arrow key.

Which command will turn the turtle towards the left by 90 degrees? ›

To turn the turtle to the left you type: LEFT followed by a number. This is the number of degrees. For example LEFT 90 or LT 90 (press ENTER) will turn the turtle to the left 90 degrees.

What does forward command do? ›

The FORWARD command allows you to scroll (or page) through the file that you are editing. is a decimal number greater than zero representing the number of logical pages to be scrolled forward.

How can you check the position of the turtle? ›

Checking and Resetting Turtle Position

In addition, you can check a turtle position with the properties xcor and ycor, and use setx, sety, and setxy to reset these positions.

In which direction is the turtle pointed by default in Python? ›

Explanation: By default, the turtle is pointed towards the east direction. We can change the direction of the turtle by using certain commands. However, whenever the turtle is reset, it points towards east.

How do I change the current path in Python? ›

To change the current working directory in Python, use the chdir() method. The method accepts one argument, the path to the directory to which you want to change. The path argument can be absolute or relative.

What does POS () do in Python? ›

The pos function searches for a grouping of characters, represented in a substring, within a source_string. The function returns the beginning position of the first occurrence of the substring.

Can you change a turtles direction? ›

By using a car mat or putting something under the turtle, you can slide the turtle in the direction it was going.

What happens if you change a turtles direction? ›

The turtle is on a mission, and if you turn it around, it will simply go back across the road when you drive away. Finally, DO NOT relocate them. Many turtles have "Home Ranges", a territory they call home, and when relocated, they will search out ways back or just stop eating.

How do you end a turtle in Python? ›

Try exitonclick() or done() at the end of the file to close the window .

How do you use relative path in Python? ›

A relative path starts with / , ./ or ../ . To get a relative path in Python you first have to find the location of the working directory where the script or module is stored. Then from that location, you get the relative path to the file want.

How do I give a directory a path in Python? ›

basename() returns the name of the currently running Python file. If we want to get the whole path of the directory in which our Python file is residing, then we can use os. path. dirname().


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