More than 30 popular webinar topics in 2022 will boost registrations (2023)

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You are convinced that webinars should be part of your marketing strategy, but that is not as easy as it seems. For better results, come up with webinar topics that resonate most with your audience.

the right topic is necessary

  • It will help you achieve your goalswebinar-marketingGoal
  • It will attract the right audience and thus increase attendance
  • It will help you get a better ROI in terms of leads and conversions.

That's why we've put together a listPopular Webinar TopicsDifferent industries and types of webinars are available to you

5 tips for choosing your next webinar topic

Before we dive deeper into webinar topics for different industries, let's discuss the best ways to get to the right topic:

  1. Chat with your sales and customer support teams:When both teams engage with your existing and potential customers, you can get great themes to attract more leads.
  2. See what's trending on social media:Social media can provide you with many topic ideas. Whether it's LinkedIn or Twitter, find out what your audience is talking about and discuss it at your next webinar.
  3. Analysis of the questions asked in the previous webinars:This is a great way to get ideas without too much work. Visit your relevant webinar platform to see which questions are most frequently asked and answered. Use it to determine your next webinar topic.
  4. Discover your Ideal Customer Persona (ICP) pain points:You can also address immediate ICPS pain points.
  5. Choose a topic from your blog post, ebook, or podcast:Your existing content type can be a goldmine for ideas. Choose some of the most compelling pieces and choose a theme from them.

Webinar topics on digital marketing

Digital marketing is a central part of today's business world and hosting webinars on the right topics is imperative. Here we have collected a fewPopular Webinar TopicsIn the world of digital marketing you can take advantage ofattract the public:

1. How to surf the web without third-party cookies

Google is already in talks to end support for third-party cookies, and brands are already talking about its impact on the marketing world. Because third-party cookies are such an important part of people's marketing efforts, their end results can wreak havoc. You can discuss the topic, share your opinion, make predictions or suggest alternatives.

2. The most notable marketing trends in 2022

Marketing is a versatile field and everyone wants to take advantage of emerging trends to expand their business. By analyzing the current trends and growth rates in the industry, you can talk about the upcoming trends that will dominate the market. It will get you more attention as you get the first mover advantage.

3. Expert Opinion: How Webinars Can Increase Traffic and Engagement

You can also host webinars and host guests to share their thoughts or perspectives on a topic. This will reach a wider audience and increase credibility when you share insights from industry experts.

💡 Some other theme ideas:

  1. Corporate takeovers and their impact
  2. hot topic
  3. X unconventional ways to increase traffic
  4. How brands can grow their sales to X ARR
  5. The power of social media and how to use it

topics for real estate webinars

The real estate industry is built on trust and confidentiality between dealers and customers, and webinars can contribute to that. Covering relevant optics can raise awareness and address audience pain points. SomePopular Webinar TopicsAreas that may be helpful are as follows:

1. Trends in the real estate sector in 2022

Talk about different trends that will receive attention in the coming years or that you think will continue to dominate the real estate industry.

2. Q&A Session for First Home Buyers

Buying a home for the first time can seem like a daunting task. So make it less intimidating and hassle-free by addressing all the pain points of first-time homebuyers. You can hold a question-and-answer session or invite guest speakers to discuss.

3. Real Estate Financing

Real estate requires a lot of financial planning, and all the paperwork can make your client question the final purchase. In this case, a session on understanding the ins and outs of real estate financing or how to structure your money could be helpful.

💡 Some other theme ideas:

  1. Buying a House - Assess the market and find gems
  2. Factors to consider when buying a home
  3. Selling Your First Home 101
  4. Reasons why your house is not selling on the market

Fun webinar topics for students

Webinars are great for students because they can take a break from all the big books and interact with the host and classmates. Be it business or technical students; thisInteresting webinar topicswill keep them engaged:

1. Career Development Webinars

Career development webinars have become necessary because students of all ages can benefit from them. Deciding which career to choose, its scope in terms of money and stability, and how to deal with failure is a big decision for students. Therefore, the topic of professional development should be one of your webinar topics.

2. Mental Health and Wellness Webinar Topics

Mental health becomes a necessity of this time that students should be aware of. Lessons about mental disorders, common symptoms, how to cope with them and how to practice self-care help students understand these disorders and stay healthy.

3. Common personal finance mistakes and how to avoid them

Student life is a phase where everyone makes mistakes, but needs to understand the consequences and how to deal with them. Webinars allow you to talk about common mistakes every student makes and how to deal with them.

💡 Some other theme ideas:

  1. How to save and manage money
  2. How to build better relationships with mentors and teachers
  3. How to deal with negativity
  4. Webinar topics on health and healthcare

Financial Webinar Topics

Finances are an important part of everyone's life, and in the fintech industry you can share guides, advice and expert opinions to help people better manage their money; Some topics to choose from are:

1. The role of technology in transforming the financial sector

With the advent of wallets and UPI payment methods, COVID-19 has digitized the financial industry and has seen a massive shift in the way people exchange, save and manage money. To help them make this transition, you can host webinars discussing how technology is changing the financial world and how it can be put to better use.

2. How to build an effective financial management system

Another approach is to discuss developing a financial management system to keep track of all income, expenses, investments, taxes and insurance plans.

3. Ways to increase your savings

You can also host webinars on more effective ways to save, the benefits of starting to save early, how to plan for retirement and build an emergency fund.

💡 Some other theme ideas:

  1. where to invest your money
  2. The different investment apps and which one to use
  3. What are the different types of taxes and how do you choose the best tax-saving solution?

Webinar topics for employees

Training and renewing employees is the secret of a prosperous and sustainable business organization. Somevirtual event themeEmployees can benefit from:

1. How to build a diverse, equal and inclusive work environment

A work environment in which employees feel safe, happy and inclusive is essential as it increases employee satisfaction and loyalty. However, the concept of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) may not be familiar to every employee. In such cases, webinars on DEI topics can helpbuilding a better networkMake sure each of them feels involved, despite cultural differences.

2. How to build a strong work ethic

Having a strong work ethic ensures that employees understand and are accountable for their responsibilities. It also ensures transparency in day-to-day communication. You can use webinars to discuss how to develop a good work ethic and address misconceptions about it.

3. Top tasks for HR leaders

itrecruitment processIn recent years, the traditional approach to resumes has virtually been replaced by an applicant's extensive portfolio, skills and soft skills. It also caused hiring managers to change their approach. That's why thisHR webinar topicsMight be fun for freshmen and those looking to switch roles.

💡 Some other theme ideas:

  1. Ways to communicate more with employees
  2. How to improve presentation skills
  3. X ways to come up with better ideas to close deals
  4. How to use different tools and platforms to increase productivity

way ahead

The best webinar topics are the ones that engage your audience, answer their questions, and make them feel like they've invested their time well.

So when thinking about what topics to discuss through your webinars, think and analyze your industry from the perspective of your audience. Popular topics, audience pain points, and industry insights provide you with some of the most engaging topics.


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