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Boundaries are stumbling blocks between you and your success. You will face strong resistance if you try to breach the border. Resistance can be self-inflicted fear, self-doubt, low self-esteem, physical handicaps and mental blocks. These elements can group together like giant barriers.

Unfortunately, most people find it difficult to cross these boundaries. They eventually give up and accept the status quo.

As long as you want to lead a successful life, you must face your fear and push yourself beyond your limits. If you don't, your dream will be interrupted and your goals unattainable.


  1. The 3 stages of life
    • to impulse phase
    • The exaggeration phase
    • the rest phase
  2. Why should you strive?
  3. How to overcome your limits and achieve success?
  4. final thoughts
  5. More tips on how to inspire yourself for success

The 3 stages of life

There are three phases of life that we all constantly alternate between - the boost phase, the overload phase and the relaxation phase.

Whether you work hard or go slow may depend on which phase you are in. Let's examine the phases in detail.

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to impulse phase

You are enthusiastic about your life, your environment and things in general. You get out of your comfort zone, which is difficult for a lot of people. And this promotion also pays off as you grow.

At this stage, your drive is high and you may experience fatigue after using up your energy for task activities.

The exaggeration phase

In this phase, you take on more tasks than you can handle. You say “yes” to every task you complete. You can't say no. You might even feel tense because you feel like you're missing deadlines on the project.

This is the phase before exhaustion. Life gets hectic, so this phase requires proper management, which I'll share in the next phase.

the rest phase

It's time to reflect and find your balance. If you're overdoing it while pushing yourself, it's time to rest.

Here you ask important questions like:

  • Am I happy with this job?
  • Am I working in line with my core values?
  • Am I happy in my relationship?'

So what is the right phase? The truth is, they don't exist.

However, the boost phase is the ideal place. Life is challenging enough to stay detached. You have to strive to make the best out of whatever situation you are going through in life.

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Why should you strive?

Knowing all this, you might be wondering why bother trying? Here are 8 reasons.

1. Get out of your comfort zone

Living in a comfort zone is boring. Some people believe that you can be more successful in your comfort zone than by exploring new boundaries. While that may be true, nothing significant can happen until you dare.

You have to do different things and do things differently. You need to see the world and life from a different perspective. You need a different result. You can achieve all of this by doing the same thing over and over again.

Life only rewards those who dare, not those who want to.

2. Explore your inner strength

If you've never encountered a lion in the wild, you may never have the chance to reach its racing potential. Don't wait for something to push you; push you

You have untapped power to overcome any obstacle you can imagine. Use this power and refuse to livea life of mediocrityand complacency.

3. Learn new things

Until you boost yourself, you cannot explore. And it takes exploration to learn new things. Start a new business and open yourself up to new opportunities. whatever you domake sure you study, grow and strive.

4. Get in shape

Pushing yourself also affects your body. You stay in shape when you refuse to sit still.

For example, you can use the step instead of the elevator. Get your body moving and get in shape, especially during this lockdown. Studies have shown that you burn 6-15% more calories when you engage in high-intensity exercise.[1]

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5. Achieve more!

Past glory yields future rewards. Challenge yourself to get more results than yesterday. Find out what you can do more, even if it's just 5 minutes more. Each time you make an extra effort to add value to your life or the lives of others, you learn and grow beyond your limitations and strengths.

6. Discover your identity

You don't know your worth and abilities until you stretch yourself. To hear! The only competitor you have is YOU! As you strive, you can identify your beliefs, limitations, and strengths. Pushing yourself will help yourecognize your true identity.

7. Create momentum

Death occurs in the resting state. Would you rather be a still body of water or a flowing river? You need sustained momentum to achieve your goals in all aspects of your life. You can build momentum by going the extra mile to reach your goals.

8. Set your boundaries

How do you know your limits if you're not trying? The next time you make an effort, you'll find that you can break through those limits.

How to overcome your limits and achieve success?

It's easier to stay in a more comfortable zone than to venture out or explore new frontiers. In the meantime, if you don't make an effort, you will be denied your personal growth, career or business opportunities and life experiences.

So here are some tips to get him out of his shell. Don't forget to start with the hardest part.

1. Take this first step

What you need to get started is this first step. It may not be easy at first. Nothing comes easy either. The first day of work is boring, just like going to the gym. But as you continually increase your stamina, your movements become easier.take the first stepto make your dream come true!

2. Get inspired

Don't wait for external motivation to take the first step. Discover your inner motivation! It could be a motivational video, TED Talks, lifehack articles, Riverside or a walk in the park. Make sure it's something that moves you to take action. Inspiration is a motivational tool that helps you push yourself.

3. Create your environment

You need the right environment to succeed and make good decisions. It's better to read at a table than to read in bed. If you want to stay healthier and fitter, bring healthier food and water closer to you. Avoid junk and train your muscles daily.

Also, avoid toxic relationships. Hang around people who constantly remind you of your goals and aspirations.

4. Avoid the safe choice

You can divide your decisions into two groups - the safest and the boldest. Choose those that allow you to dare the impossible and teach your invaluable lessons. You cannot grow by giving in to safer choices.Get out of your comfort zoneand explore new frontiers.

5. Visualize the next level

What would it be like to be happily married, thrive in business and career, and touch lives?visualize these dreams!

Visualization allows you to focus more on your goals and achieve success. This will help you to know where you want to be and what you need to do to get there.

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6. Learn from other winners

Whatever level of success you want to achieve, someone has already achieved it. Learn from them and find clues and lessons on how they broke through the barriers. Read his books, online journals, interviews and podcasts.

7. Do what scares you

When taking on new projects, ask yourself: Does this task scare me? If yes, then do it! Here's how to face your fear and win. See each difficult task as a frog, then eat the frog!

8. Work on your weaknesses

There are self-imposed limits, and most of them are products of our weaknesses. It could be bad habits, low self-esteem or physical limitations. Weaknesses make a big mountain seem insurmountable and can limit you from achieving the success you desire. You canturn your weaknesses into strengths.

9. Seek help

A little support can be just as important to finding resistance. Having someone to support you can offset the effects of negative thinking patterns that may be limiting you. It could be a life coach, mentor, spouse, friend, parent or an accountability partner. They can help you get the momentum you need to get out of your comfort zone.

final thoughts

To reach your goals, you need to overcome your limits. There is no alternative to greatness other than sacrificing your comfort zone and achieving great things.

Life does not reward complacency or mediocrity. But with effort, you can break down barriers and walk paths that men haven't walked. And oddly enough, you'll be surprised that you never thought that once you break the boundaries, the challenges are surmountable.

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accept your limitsso that you can overcome them!

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