Do you have muscle pain?In fact, it could be your fascia (2023)

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  • What is fascia?
  • What does the fascia do?
  • How the fascia influences different types of pain
  • Prevention and how to relieve fascia pain
  • How to find a fascia -centered practitioner

Most of us know a little bit about the bonesJoints, Organs, muscles and nerves, but we may not have thought about how it stays united.Fascie is the answer.But what is fascia?

In the most basic terms, the fascia is a connective tissue network that can be found throughout the body.If it goes wrong, it can cause all kinds of pain.

Let's take Erin Scott, a 43 -year -old legal assistant in Baltimore, for example.It was pleased when her breast cancer in stage II came into a remission thanks to chemotherapy, two operations and radiation.Post -Surgical Post -SurgeryinflammationKnown as a frozen shoulder: Erin felt such strong rigidity in his left arm that he could not reach a glass in the closet or put on his coatFascia.

During his one -hour monthly treatments, Erin's therapist not only exerted the pressure on his shoulder, but also on his leg, his lower back and other apparently not related points.Shoulder, and then he could move his arm freely again.The year of other treatments only gave me incremental improvements, but this worked very quickly, ”says Erin.

Discover what the fascia is, how to relieve the pain of the fascia and the ways to prevent it first.

What is fascia?

The fascia (pronounced as "fashion") is a number of fibrous proteins (mostTom Myers, a body therapist for a long time and the author ofAnatomy trainsGive the fascia as Spanx that he uses under his skin and pull everything towards his skeleton.Without the fascia network, the liquid would meet at its feet, its organs would sink and collapse, and its muscles would be like hamburgers, what does what, what does, what does, what does, what does, what does, whatmakes coordinated movement impossible.

The term "fascia" was once used to describe a certain type of connective tissue like the ligaments in the lower part of our feet.(If you ignite, he is known asPlantarfasziitis.) Now a large part of our connective tissue, including tendons, ligaments and muscles and surrounding organs, is included in the fascia system.Some fascia are thin, like Perikard (surrounds the heart), while others, like the hard oneIliotibial band (s)They are thicker on the thigh side.

What does the fascia do?

Her fascia makes her united: it says a crucial role in many aspects of health, says itGil Hedley, Ph.D., an anatomy educator and fascia researcher in Colorado Springs.Propriozeption- As you end up, where you walk, or so that you hit the chair when you feel.And although experts have long understood for the muscles, the fascia are actively summarized.Make your flexible fascia as important as the maintenance of the tinted muscles.

Another freshly discovered fact about the fascia: is the richest sensory organ in the body and transmits a variety of sensations from pain to pleasure.The fascia system has ten times more sensory receptors than the muscles, says Myers.“Many properties that we attribute the muscles that they actually come from the fascia that are woven in the muscle and in the area.After training, we say that we feel "painful muscles", but what we really feel is an irritant that is released from the fascial material, "he says.

How the fascia influences different types of pain

Because the entire fascia in the body is connected, if something is not synchronized in one place, this can cause problems in apparently non -related areas.Due to an old sprain that can pull the fascia in the back and cause pain there, he says.

The fascia is involved in many conditions: after the operation, for example, that all scar tissue is firmly connected to the fascia, says Myers, can reduce the limitation and pain by massage and the shift of the body after surgery instead of an operationTo protect them instead of protecting them, in excess, he says.The urinary incontinence also includes fascia: ifBrazilian researcherThey examined hundreds of women with the disease and found that half had a dysfunction in their pelvic fascia, which can put additional pressure on the bladder.Myers says that the way we born only through movement recommends working with a body specializing in perinatal techniques in order to do this.Colds and fluHave a fascial component: if the fascia in the chest is tight, it can be more difficult to breathe, says Jill Miller, a fascia body for a long time and author of author ofBody by breathing.

Here are some specific types of pain on how fascia plays a role and fascia.Pain treatmentsThat could help:

Chronic pain below

The weakened fascia, not just the bad muscle tone, is often behind itBack painSays Hedley.Sometimes there is a misalignment in the fascia near the ankles and hips, he says, which is all away from balance.Fascia practitioners use their hands together with tools such as balls and rollers to add the fascia towards the optimal sound and its optimal texture.This to traditional physiotherapy reduced the disability significantly byPain in the lower part, Chinese researchers informed inComplementary therapies in medicine.

Pain in the pelvic area

Fasciae case.Like the pool that saysSallie Sarrel, Doctor of Physiotherapy in Hoboken, NJ and Miami.Pain in the pelvic areaWhen you see a fascia body, you will examine its alignment and movement breakdown and create a manipulation program and a fascia exercises that you can do at home, says Sarrel.Talk to your practitioner about what you feel comfortable.


A common cause of the tensionHeadacheHe looks at the screens: This action slightly throws its head forward and may be created in the throat.A more serious headache known as an occipital neuralgiaHarvard researchers found outWhen they examined the patients who underwent and found for this state of surgery and that the majority had a thick and healing and pine, all are connected to the fascia to the head, says Miller, to avoid headaches in connection with the screenYou your computer on the eye level and lift your phone to your eyes to send or read text messages.

Prevention and how to relieve fascia pain

These three healthy habits give your fascia what you need to work well:

  • Hold hydrated:The fascia has a good amount of collagen like her skin, so drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated."You want your fascia to be slippery and not sticky," says Hedley.
  • A practice:The fascia becomes more elastic with rhythmic movement thangoÖrunSays Myers.largo, slowlystrainIt also helps because they extend the fabric that is too short.
  • Foam roller:Miller says Miller, says BuchThe roller modelUse soft balls;Other programs carry harder balls orFoam roller.

How to find a fascia -centered practitioner

The body that focuses on the fasciaInternational association of structural integratorsor theDr. Ida Rolf Institutethe woman who was a pioneer in fascia treatment a century ago.Some physiotherapists, massage therapists and osteopathic doctors concentrate integrators address the entire body in a number of sessions.Asked about their experiences with problems such as theirs.

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