Best Dictionary for Android Apps: Updated January 2023 (2023)

/Best Dictionary Apps for Android: Updated Jan 2023

Best Dictionary for Android Apps: Updated January 2023 (1)

BySumit Adhikari

January 26, 2023

Best Dictionary for Android Apps: Updated January 2023 (2)


You can never stop learning a language. When you think you've mastered a grammatical rule, you come across several exceptions you didn't know about. There's always room to improve your vocabulary too. After all, there are many words that carry different meanings when used in different contexts.

Fortunately, your smartphone, which is with you most of the time, can help you out if you run into this language jargon. Whether you're looking to improve your vocabulary or learn a new language, a dictionary app can be a useful tool. on your smartphone.

there are many dictionariesFormsthat you can download on your Android smartphone. While some apps are wildly popular with smartphone users, some lesser-known apps on the Google Play Store are just as good, if not better. Below is a list of our top ten favorite dictionary apps for Android.


Each application has its specialty and therefore caters to people with specific needs. You'll find detailed information about each app in the list below, including a description, the cost of in-app purchases, if any, download size, rating, screenshots or promotional videos, and a Google Play Store download link. Note that the apps are not listed in any particular order.

Best Dictionary Apps for Android 2023

Below is an overview of the best dictionary Android apps for 2023, including download costs and in-app purchases.

applicationdownload costIn-app cost (per item)
Merriam-Webster DictionaryUS$ 1,99 – US$ 5,99
Oxford English DictionaryUS$ 0,99 – US$ 29,99
Google translator
hello dictionary
Diccionario.comUS$ 1,99 – US$ 3,99
dictionary of English
dictation boxUS$ 0,99 – US$ 12,99
web of words
DictionaryUS$ 0,99 – US$ 1,99
longman dictionary

Best dictionary apps for Android 2023 downloads

Below is more information about each app, including a direct link to an easy download.


All download links go to Google from the appGame storelist. Users are always encouraged to download apps from Google Play or an authorized app store.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Best Dictionary for Android Apps: Updated January 2023 (3)

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-App Purchases: $1.99 – $5.99
  • Size: 125 MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Merriam-Webster is one of the most popular dictionary apps on the Play Store. It is a feature-rich app with a huge vocabulary. You don't need an active internet connection to look up words. Your search history is automatically saved too, so you can look back whenever you need to. With an Internet connection, you can also view illustrations, listen to audio pronunciations, and use voice search.

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This app also comes with a built-in thesaurus with example sentences for words that will help you understand their usages in different contexts. A "word of the day" feature will help you learn a new word every day. There are also some built-in word games and quizzes to improve your vocabulary. Merriam-Webster has a tablet-optimized design.


Oxford English Dictionary

Best Dictionary for Android Apps: Updated January 2023 (4)


  • Price: Free to download
  • In-App Purchases: $0.99 – $29.99
  • Size: 18MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Oxford Dictionary is another popular name when it comes to dictionary apps for Android. With over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings and 75,000 audio pronunciations, this app has a huge catalog of words that can help you greatly improve your vocabulary. It also offers several other features designed to help you further in your endeavors, such as fuzzy search that lets you find a word even if you don't know the spelling.

The "Tap to Translate" feature allows you to look up word definitions from other apps. You can also have a floating app icon so you can quickly visit your dictionary when you need it. The app allows you to select font size and bookmark words as well. You can group your favorite words and definitions into folders.

Other features include voice search, camera search, word of the day, word pronunciation, and the ability to quickly share words. The Oxford Dictionary of English also integrates some special topics such as countries of the world, solar system, collective nouns, chemical elements and much more.



Google translator

Best Dictionary for Android Apps: Updated January 2023 (5)

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  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Size: 45MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Google Translate is not officially a dictionary app, but it is more than just a reliable app for looking up word meanings and definitions. In addition to word definitions and examples, this app also lets you translate words and phrases between 108 languages. It even offers offline translation between 59 languages.


This app also provides multiple input methods. You can write or speak your word, or draw characters. It also lets you block offensive words. Furthermore, you can translate text from images simply by pointing your camera at an image or by importing an existing file. You can also translate words from other apps. Translated words and phrases can be highlighted (saved) for future reference. You can login with your Google account to sync your saved words across your devices.


hello dictionary

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Size: 30MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Hi Dictionary is a language translator that allows you to quickly translate your social media messages or any other text on your phone. Just drag the floating icon over the text and the app will translate it into your desired language. It supports 108 languages ​​with offline translation and camera translation support for many of them.


This app is great for chatting in languages ​​you don't know how to read, write or speak. You can write your text in a language you know and Hi Dictionary will translate it into the language you want. It works on all major social media apps including Facebook, Whatsapp and Messenger. Of course, you can also look up word meanings in the app. Get results from Google Translate. Used by over ten million people worldwide, Hi Dictionary offers a word lock screen feature.


Best Dictionary for Android Apps: Updated January 2023 (6)

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-App Purchases: $1.99 – $3.99
  • Size: 41 MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars offers two different search modes: Dictionary and Thesaurus. The app has over two million definitions and synonyms to help you improve your vocabulary. It has a ton of features including audio pronunciations, word of the day and favorites. You can also look up word meanings through voice input.

This app also integrates grammar and tips, idioms and example phrases and sentences for words. A science dictionary, medical dictionary, rhyming dictionary and thesaurus are also built into this app. is an all-in-one app that can help you improve your sentence structure and improve your vocabulary with its robust catalog of words, phrases and grammar tips.


dictionary of English

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Size: 47 MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

With over 426,000 English definitions, English Dictionary is another feature-rich free dictionary app for Android. It has a very easy to use interface with a minimalist design. The homepage offers a one-touch menu to take you to the word of the day, your search history or your favorites. A "random words" menu will show you new words every time you open the app.

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You can search for words through keyboard input or through voice commands. The app lets you assign actions like voice search, history or bookmarks to a floating button. You can also assign these actions to a shake gesture. The app also allows you to select font size and line spacing of your choice.

Other notable features include text-to-speech, read-aloud, capital letters, fuzzy search, and persistent search. English Dictionary allows you to save words in your search history to access them later. A built-in notes feature lets you create notes for specific words so you can better understand the context, on your own terms.


dictation box

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-App Purchases: $0.99 – $12.99
  • Size: 65MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Dict Box focuses on multiple languages ​​with offline translation support for 30+ languages. You can download as many languages ​​as you like and each language has its own dictionary. Additionally, it integrates a plethora of web dictionaries including Google Translate, Oxford Dictionary, Wikipedia,, Google Search, and more.

The app offers word definitions with example sentences and synonyms. Its word correction capability automatically corrects the spelling of misspelled words to display correct results. It also offers pronunciation of words in three different English accents: American, British and Australian.

Dict Box comes with a popup window feature for quick search and translation. A "common words" list brings together all the words related to certain topics such as computers, buildings, weather, weather, and more. There is also a word reminder that reminds you of random words via push notifications. Dict Box also supports camera translation.


web of words

Best Dictionary for Android Apps: Updated January 2023 (7)

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Size: 30MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

With a database of 285,000 words, phrases and derived forms, 225,000 definitions, 70,000 usage examples and 85,000 text pronunciations, WordWeb is one of the largest free dictionary apps for Android. You can filter your searches based on noun, verb, adjective, adverb and more.

It shows definitions and synonyms, as well as similar words related to your searches. You can even select regions to display synonyms, related words, and pronunciations specific to that region. WordWeb also offers other basic features like word correction, word suggestion, spelling suggestion, custom font size and the ability to block offensive words. You can bookmark your searches for future reference.



Best Dictionary for Android Apps: Updated January 2023 (8)

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-App Purchases: $0.99 – $1.99
  • Size: 13MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Simply called the Dictionary, this app pulls definitions and thesaurus for words from Webster's Dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus, and American Heritage Dictionary all in one place. You can look up millions of definitions in some of the most trusted dictionaries in this app. It supports translations from English to more than 40 languages. You also get a bunch of encyclopedias here.

This app covers all the basics and builds on those with additional features like word of the day, idiom of the day, article of the day, quote of the day, this day in history, today's birthday, and more. There are many built-in games designed to improve your vocabulary and spelling. These include a spelling game, antonym and synonym matching games, word creation games, Hangman, and more. The app tracks your progress every day. This app also shows your horoscope and weather.


longman dictionary

Best Dictionary for Android Apps: Updated January 2023 (9)

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Size: 21 MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

The last app on this list, Longman Dictionary, is another comprehensive dictionary database for Android users. It offers 230,000 words, phrases and meanings with 165,000 corpus-based examples. You get a detailed explanation of each word along with its various forms including linked, adjective, verb and adverb. The app also lets you hear the pronunciation of each word in British and American accents. You can set any of the accents as the default sound.

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Longman Dictionary features a clean interface with easy to read text and fonts. Other notable features include word of the day, picture dictionary, word categorization by topic, best spoken words, best written words, bookmarks, quizzes, and a guide on how to speak English fluently.


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Which is the best dictionary for Android? ›

Best free dictionary apps for Android in 2020
  • : app is one of the most used Android apps for those who want a dictionary on their smartphone. ...
  • Merriam – Webster : ...
  • English dictionary – Offline : ...
  • Google Translate: ...
  • Microsoft Translator: ...
  • Concise dictionary:

What is the name of the best dictionary app? ›

1. The first name to feature on our list of the best dictionary apps is the app. It is one of the most popular apps for both Android and iOS.

Which is the most effective dictionary? ›

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English language. It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words— past and present—from across the English-speaking world.

What is the most complete online dictionary? ›

OED Online (Oxford English Dictionary)

Considered the most authoritative and comprehensive English language dictionary in the world. Includes information on the English language, its history, and the social, cultural, and political influences that have shaped the language through the centuries.

What is the most preferred dictionary? ›

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely accepted as the most complete record of the English language ever assembled.

Does Android have a built in dictionary? ›

On Android, there isn't even a built-in dictionary. Google Play Books has one, but it's restricted to the app. A few years back an app called WordLookup showed up (it hasn't been updated since October 2013, bad sign).

What is the most read dictionary? ›

Dictionaries are essential reference tools, and the Oxford Dictionary of English is an essential learning tool, used in libraries and schools around the world. It is also the source licensed by Apple and Google, namely the most read online dictionary in the world.

Which is best offline dictionary for Android? ›

Best offline english dictionary apps for android
  • Oxford Dictionary of English.
  • Dictionary - Merriam-Webster.
  • English Dictionary - Offline.
  • The Free Dictionary.
  • WordWeb Dictionary.
  • Dict Box Pro.

Does Google have a dictionary app? ›

Free App for Word Lovers

Google Dictionary is a free dictionary that is supplied by Google.

What is the dictionary that Google uses? ›

Google's English dictionary is provided by Oxford Languages. Oxford Languages is the world's leading dictionary publisher, with over 150 years of experience creating and delivering authoritative dictionaries globally in more than 50 languages.

Which is better Collins or Oxford dictionary? ›

The attraction of the Oxford Dictionary of English is that it has a good selection of proper nouns, though not as many as the old Collins, and has a clearer presentation of words and phrases than Chambers.

Which is the best dictionary to improve vocabulary? ›

The Cambridge Dictionary includes definitions, example sentences, and collocations for each word to help you understand in which context it is better to use vocabulary.

What is America's most trusted online dictionary? ›

Dictionary by Merriam-Webster: America's most-trusted online dictionary.

Has anyone read the whole dictionary? ›

Some people have to read them. When Robert Burchfield was commissioned to supplement the Oxford English Dictionary, he began by reading the whole thing through—all thirteen volumes, all 15,490 pages, all 1,827,306 quotations, all 178 miles of type.

Is Cambridge Dictionary better than Oxford dictionary? ›

When it comes to definitions, Cambridge and Oxford take fairly different approaches. While the Oxford English Dictionary gives you the meaning of the word as well as its origin, the Cambridge Dictionary gives a more practical explanation along with an example of how to use the word in a sentence.

What is the difference between Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionary? ›

Merriam-Webster is “synchronic,” meaning it concentrates on current, active vocabulary. The OED is “diachronic,” written from a historical perspective. The two philosophies are complementary, not opposed, but that often means a word has to be in use longer to make the OED than it might take to get into M-W.

Which dictionary is best for grammar? ›

Book details. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar is a straightforward and accessible A-Z guide of the diverse and often complex terminology of English grammar.

Which 3 letter word has the most meanings? ›

When the OED's first edition came out in 1928 (after 70 years of editorial research), the longest entry belonged to another three-letter juggernaut: “set.” Even today, the print edition of the OED contains some 200 meanings for “set', beginning with “put, lay, or stand (something) in a specified place or position,” and ...

Is there an Android app like word? ›

The Google Workspace Office apps, including Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, are free to download and use on your Android devices.

How to add dictionary to Android? ›

Add words to your dictionary
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open any app that you can type with, like Gmail or Keep.
  2. Tap an area where you can enter text.
  3. Enter the word you want to add.
  4. Tap the word underlined in red.
  5. Tap Add to dictionary.

What is Android user dictionary? ›

User dictionary is a very handy feature in most mobile devices. This is used to allow your keyboard to remember frequently typed words. When we type a specific word into the keyboard, it automatically provides some suggestions. Android also has this feature and it stores frequently used words in a file named user_dict.

What is the most used words in the world? ›

Do you know the most common English words?
1. the21. at81. my
2. of22. be82. than
3. and23. this83. first
4. a24. have84. water
5. to25. from85. been
15 more rows

Should I read the entire dictionary? ›

While most books live by the standard, front-cover-to-back-cover consumption format, dictionaries (and other reference books) don't play by the rules. The dictionary is meant to be consumed in bits and pieces, not fully read.

Is Collins dictionary reliable? ›

Collins online dictionary and reference resources offer a wealth of reliable and authoritative information about language.

What is the number one dictionary in the world? ›

1. Collins Dictionary. Collins dictionary is one of the best platforms for learners, translators, and teachers.

Is there a dictionary app without ads? › for Android

Get the leading FREE dictionary app for Android, and unlock a new level of learning! For an ad-free experience, install the Premium app here.

Is there a dictionary that works without internet? ›

Arcus Dictionary

The Arcus offline Dictionary app is available for free on Google Play and suits all Android devices, be them phones or tablets. Having an offline database that includes more than 165000 words, as well as definitions and synonyms for those, the app can be easily used wherever you are located.

What happened to the Google Dictionary? ›

After being integrated into Google Search, the dictionary was discontinued as a separate service on August 5, 2011, and can now be accessed with the "define" operator or by simply searching for a word. The dictionary service is also still available in Google Translate and can be accessed by selecting a single word.

Where is the Dictionary on an Android phone? ›

Under "Tools," tap "Personal dictionary." 6. To add a word to your personal dictionary when it opens, tap the plus "+" button in the upper right corner.

Is Oxford Dictionary of English a free dictionary app? ›

Oxford Dictionary of English is a free dictionary app that gives you access to more than 350,000 words, phrases and meanings. Oxford Dictionary of English app also offers audio pronunciation for 75,000 words, both common and rare, including those words with varying pronunciations.

What is lexico called now? ›

On 26 August 2022, Lexico was closed and redirected to

What dictionary does Chrome use? ›

Google Dictionary (by Google)

What is Google Dictionary alternative? ›

Instant Dictionary by GoodWordGuide

The extension Instant Dictionary (Dictionary Bubble) works a bit like Google Dictionary. Double-click on the word and its definition would pop out along with the synonyms. You can also listen to the pronunciation of the word from the pop-up itself.

What is Collins word of the year 2023? ›

Permacrisis: An extended period of instability and insecurity, especially one resulting from a series of catastrophic events.

What is the Webster's word of the year 2023? ›

It's fitting that in an age of misinformation — fake news, conspiracy theories and social media trolling — that 2023's word of the year is “gaslighting.”

How much is Collins Primary dictionary? ›

Collins Primary Illustrated Dictionary at Rs 248/piece | डिक्शनरी बुक in New Delhi | ID: 18477835973.

What is the best app to improve English vocabulary? ›

Best apps for improving vocabulary
  • Improve English: Vocabulary. ...
  • WordUp. ...
  • PowerVocab. ...
  • Anki. ...
  • 7 Little Words. ...
  • Reverse Dictionary. ...
  • Penny Dell Daily Crossword. ...
  • combines a dictionary and a learning game that helps you discover and memorise new words.
Oct 24, 2022

Is there an app to improve your vocabulary? ›

Designed with sophisticated algorithms that customize exercises based on your responses, is an app that helps you learn new words via short quizzes and games. Download the app for free and answer a series of short vocab questions to reveal a whole new world of words.

Is there an app that teaches you a new word everyday? ›

Word of the Day is a vocabulary app that will help you to expand your vocabulary in an easy way. Get a new word every day, remember your favorite words, know what other people like and share words with your friends. This knowledge app is also designed to provide vocabulary trivia and learn words daily.

What is the main dictionary in America? ›

Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language.

What is the most common word in the US? ›

'The' tops the league tables of most frequently used words in English, accounting for 5% of every 100 words used. “'The' really is miles above everything else,” says Jonathan Culpeper, professor of linguistics at Lancaster University. But why is this?

Is Cambridge Online dictionary reliable? ›

The Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries have long been considered as the two most credible and trustworthy for British English. In terms of popularity, the Oxford dictionary is the more popular of the two in the UK and is generally cited as the ultimate authority on the language.

Which dictionary is best for reading? ›

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English language.

Can you improve your vocabulary by reading the dictionary? ›

A dictionary is an indispensable resource for helping you improve your vocabulary. Looking up a word in a dictionary will help you learn its precise meaning, spelling, alternate definitions, and other useful information.

What is the most trusted dictionaries? ›

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely accepted as the most complete record of the English language ever assembled. Unlike typical language dictionaries, which only define words in terms of their current uses and meanings, the OED is a historical dictionary.

What kind of dictionary are most useful? ›

Production dictionaries help learners to find alternatives to the common words they already know. They are useful for writing, and perhaps for speaking, but they are not so useful for receptive activities (listening and reading).

Which is the most concise English dictionary? ›

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary is one of the most popular choices in Oxford's renowned dictionary line. Now in print through its various editions for a century it has been selected by decades of users for its up-to-date and authoritative coverage of the English language.

Which dictionary does Google use? ›

Oxford Languages. Google's English dictionary is provided by Oxford Languages. Oxford Languages is the world's leading dictionary publisher, with over 150 years of experience creating and delivering authoritative dictionaries globally in more than 50 languages.

What is the dictionary app on Samsung? ›

Samsung Dictionary is an app that enables you to manage all the dictionaries stored on your Samsung device. Especially for users that enter text in more than one language, it's a very useful app that makes it possible to take control of your frequently used words.

What is the best dictionary with no ads? ›

WordWeb Dictionary

If you're looking for a no-frills dictionary app, this one from WordWeb is perfect for you. There are no ads, and the app is completely free.

What is the difference between online and offline dictionary? ›

Print. Offline dictionaries do not need an active internet connection, while online dictionaries require an active internet connection.

What is the best American dictionary? ›

Dictionary by Merriam-Webster: America's most-trusted online dictionary.

Can you add words to Android dictionary? ›

Add words to your dictionary

Tap an area where you can enter text. Enter the word you want to add. Tap the word underlined in red. Tap Add to dictionary.


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