6 free music generators to create your own music and songs (2023)

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You don't have to be a musician to make your own song. Use these free online music generators to compose your own tune, either by yourself or with the help of AI.

Computer music generators come in a variety of forms. Some allow you to create amazing creations using artificial intelligence. With others, you're the musician, working like a master, changing each element to play a tune that sounds right to you. Everyone needs different skills, so choose the one that suits you best.


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How would it sound if the Beatles played the theme song from the Harry Potter movie? Or how about Lady Gaga performing Beethoven's 5th Symphony? Well, you can find out on MuseNet; and not only that, you can also control how they play.

MuseNet is an OpenAI project where a deep neural network generates a song based on your settings. The AI ​​music generator database includes styles from artists like The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Frank Sinatra, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven and many more. Use theadvanced settingsinstead of the simple settings if you really want to have fun.

First you choose the style or artist. Then select the introduction, followed by the instruments piano, strings, trumpets, drums, harp, guitar, and bass. Finally, adjust the Token meter to dictate how close to the artist you will sound.

Once you spawn the AI ​​track, you get four variations. Listen to all four, choose the ones you like, download them, and then build more songs. It's so much fun that you'll spend hours trying out permutations and combinations. You can download it as an MP3, OGG, WAV, or MIDI music file to use in your projects.


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Most online music generators only deal with instrumental sounds. But no melobytes. This ambitious AI app is also ready to sing as it analyzes lyrics and turns them into unique procedurally generated melodies.

In the basic version of Melobytes, you can set the language of the lyrics for analysis along with the key, tempo, time signature, and type of singer you want, including male, female, duet, robot, and rapper. Add your lyrics to the dialogue and create an original song with your words! or useApps to find the lyrics of a popular songand create a robot cover.

It really depends on you. If you don't like the first version of the app, you can click on itmelobyteTap over and over until you like what you generate. Melobytes songs can be downloaded and saved as a MIDI file for reuse at will.

And if you like this AI generated music, check it out.Melobyte Pro. The advanced version of the app is also free, but you can customize almost every aspect of the song, including the length, instruments, music style, voice types, and audio settings like reverb, echo, and distortion.

If you're still adventurous, Melobytes will also generate a video for your song. So there you have it. Go from just lyrics to a full music video with AI with Melobytes.


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BeepBox is a fantastic little tool for creating your own free music track that could serve as background music for a video game or YouTube video. You don't have to know music; Just play with the controls and be creative.

The app gives you four channels of instruments, including a wide range of guitars, trumpets, drums, vocals and other strings, brass, and percussion. Place an instrument on a channel strip, then click different points on the virtual scale to create a sound from it. One click keeps the sound alive and another click turns it off. Press play to hear the full sound.

You can change the tempo, reverb, and rhythm at any time. BeepBox also allows you to modify how and when each channel is played using a simple numbers-based interface. Play around with it to get the sound you like, then download it for free as WAV, MP3, MID, JSON, HTML and use it asroyalty free music for youtube videosor video games.

And all this is just the basic interface of BeepBox. Once you've played with it and got the hang of it, jump into the deeper setup where you'll see all your channel strips in one view, add piano scales, save and use presets, and more. BeepBox can be really powerful if you want it, or just for any beginner who wants to create a quick track.


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What does your name sound like when it's turned into music? Typatone has a melodic response as it turns your keyboard into a musical instrument and your words into a free online song. The idea is to associate lyrics with melodies so that you can create songs by writing.

Typatone used a study of the frequency with which some letters of the English alphabet are used and assigned them to the most melodic notes on a standard piano. She types any letter or word in the app and she will hear a tone. You can even copy and paste large blocks of text. The cool thing is how Typatone uses its AI to not only map the sounds, but also to turn the sequence of letters into a harmonious melody.

You can turn anyone's name into a custom little melody as a notification alert or ringtone. Take someone's favorite book and turn it into a song for them. Or you can use Typatone to compose music while you walk. The mobile-optimized site makes it easy to carry a musical instrument with you at all times. So when a melody comes to mind, just write it down to make it come true.


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Beepster is a funky little music generator with some great twists. You don't need any musical experience to play it, just play around with the settings and see what you like.

First select from the scales: Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Blues Major, Blues Minor and Suspended. You will see four lines, each of which is a track or voice. Clicking on the cover image changes playback.

You can adjust the speed, volume and pitch of each track. And you can turn a track on or off. If you want a random selection of all settings on a single track, click the circular arrow. Beepster also randomly changes the notes each track plays, giving you a bit of variety in your tunes.

There is no option to download the track, but you can share it with others as a link. Overall, this is a useful app for creating free music tracks or enhancing online projects. YeahAdding animated GIFs to Google Slides improves presentations, playing a fun tune can do the same.

6.tons matrix

6 free music generators to create your own music and songs (6)

ToneMatrix is ​​the simplest of these music generators, but that only makes it more attractive. You don't have to mess around with a lot of settings here; All you have to do is click on the blocks in the matrix to create your own music.

Each block produces a tone. ToneMatrix plays the active blocks sequentially, starting from left to right. There are 16 columns, and selecting multiple blocks in a column will render it with more impact.

It's great to play with and you can do a simple,relaxing lo-fi music trackto play in the background while you study or concentrate. Unfortunately, you can't download the tracks in ToneMatrix, but you can share your creations online.

Consider paid apps for royalty-free AI-generated tracks

All the above music generators are free to use and download. However, there is always a new generation of AI music generators to try. Generators like Boomy, Evoke Music or AIVA require a paid subscription if you want to download the tracks of your creations and use them for monetization, but they are much simpler than the music generators mentioned above and offer a wide variety of sounds.

If you are willing to shell out some money, you should go for professional AI or standard music generators.

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