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Many people cannot fully distinguish project goals and objectives from one another. Although these two describe what the project aims to achieve, they are quite different. Any company trying to develop and expand its territories must present both to represent the business value a project must deliver.

In this article, we'll look at how to define a project goal, what it means, how to write a good one, and some examples. By the end, you will understand what a project objective is and how to find one for your project.

50 examples of project goals and tips on how to formulate them | ProyectoPráctico.com (1)

What is a project objective?

Simply put, a project goal is an overall statement that aligns with business goals and provides a general context of what a specific project intends to achieve. It is the overall result that a given project seeks.

The project objective highlights the impact of the project that will trigger long-term effects. Therefore, it provides a bridge between a project and its direct impact.

A good project goal describes the impact of the project at the impact level. Most often, the words "The project will contribute to..." or other related phrases are used when outlining the project goal. The goal should also link the project to the company's overall goals.

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It is usually a factual statement of what a project is intended to achieve. Therefore, when setting a project goal, ask yourself what the outcome of the project will be when it is completed.

Why are project objectives important?

Just as we need goals in our lives, setting goals in projects is also very useful. Here are some of the reasons:

  • planning

A team must plan to successfully achieve a specific project goal. Remember that reaching the defined goals will guarantee the success of the project. The definition of goals motivates the organization to create structural conditions to guarantee the success of the goals.

  • Performance

Clear project objectives force team members to do their best. These goals direct all of their activities and efforts towards activities related to the goal, while diverting them from any unrelated activities. Offers a clear path.

Clear goals will also energize employees or those responsible for carrying out a given project. These parties will do everything to ensure that the project objectives are achieved. They also encourage perseverance as employees try harder to achieve different goals.

Finally, having goals motivates stakeholders or employees to tap into their existing knowledge and use it to achieve the goal. It can also lead to the acquisition of some specific skills to ensure success.

  • Focus

Clear project objectives help the organization and stakeholders to focus on what is most important to achieving the project. SeveralDistractions can occur during the duration of a specific project, resulting in deviation from established guidelines.

Project goals serve to get team members back on track and ensure that each meeting is structured to move the project forward.

  • Unit

Working towards a specific goal promotes unity between employees and stakeholders. They will direct all your efforts towards achieving the set goal(s) and creating a voice. Remember that people often unite in the fight against a common enemy and, in this case, for the success of a specific project.

Therefore, regardless of whether the team is progressing slowly, it will tend to execute the project quickly, safely and appropriately, qualities necessary for the success of certain tasks.

A project objective serves as the final guideline. Describes what the project intends to achieve. Other aspects of the project are usually derived from the objective.

How to write a good project objective

Writing a good project objective is crucial if you want the project to be successful. It has to be specific and backed up by an action plan, otherwise everything will fall apart as the project progresses.

So here are some of the ways you can achieve a good design goal:

  • Recognize the important things

The first thing you must do when formulating a project goal is to identify what is important to you and the people involved. A key part of managing goals is understanding that everything on a project should take priority.

So take the time and talk to the parties involved to help you make a list of some of the critical things that need to get done. You can ask the project sponsor about some of the things he would rather see the project do than lose.

Once you've defined some of the things you and your stakeholders want from a specific project, use your decision-making skills and techniques to define a goal that fits the project.

  • don't be vague

One of the things to avoid when writing a project goal is vagueness. Never write a vague goal. Well, it can be a broad statement subject to different interpretations, but your project objective needs to be specific and defined.

Once you've identified the critical things the project needs to achieve, write down the goals clearly so that anyone reading this can easily understand the purpose of the project.

  • Make sure the goal matches the problem

Your objective must match the problem. Make sure you reveal the intention to solve a specific problem. The only way your reader will recognize this intent is to align your objective with the problem statement.

If your problem statement revolves around sanitation and hygiene issues, your objective should clearly state that you will improve sanitation and proper hygiene in the area through the project. Remember, the objective is what the project will achieve when completed.

  • consistency

Always make sure your project objective aligns with the organization's vision and mission statement. Every organization strives to address specific social and development issues that need to be addressed when setting goals.

Remember that everything the company or organization does must be consistent with fulfilling its overall mission and working towards its vision. Therefore, if your business primarily deals with low-income households, the project proposal objectives should be relevant to low-income households.

Always make sure your objectives are relevant to key stakeholders.

  • simplicity

You don't need complicated language when writing a project goal. Remember that you must formulate the goals in such a way that they can also be easily understood by others. Always make sure to use simple language when writing project objectives.

Technical terms and extensive vocabulary may sound enticing, but they shouldn't be included in your project objectives. Nobody should have to use a dictionary to understand what their goals are. Remember that objectives give the reader an idea of ​​the problems you are trying to address, so they are easy to understand.

  • number of goals

Project goals are different from objectives, so when writing you need to understand that having multiple goals creates confusion, which you should avoid. The objective is usually a broad statement that covers a range of things that should be addressed by the given objectives.

This is the main reason why project goals are derived from objectives. Avoid multiple goals for one project to avoid confusion.

50 examples of project goals

  • Increased sales. Create a new website for the company to increase online sales by 30% over the next two years.
  • Improved menu and food quality. Remodel the kitchen with new appliances to improve quality and add more food to the menu.
  • increase efficiency. Replace office HVAC systems to reduce cooling costs by 40% and heating costs by 10%.
  • Increased productivity.Create a new accounting system with automation and powerful user interfaces to reduce your workload.
  • Eliminate harmful means of production and promote green energy in our means of production.
  • Improve the living standards of 5 villages in northern Guangzhou by applying a local resource-based approach.
  • Facilitate quality training for employees through learning and team building.
  • Promote proper sanitation in the community through the construction of a dam and various approaches.
  • Increase office productivity and increase next fiscal year profit reversal.
  • Show how the organization can achieve employee unity through constant teamwork and goal setting.
  • Achieve employee satisfaction by introducing flexible working hours.
  • Encourage the use of alternative sources of dispute resolution rather than litigation to reduce case backlog.
  • Create a new app for the business to increase online sales by 20% over the next three years.
  • To encouragecorrect disposal of garbageto protect the health of individuals and the community at large.
  • Increase workplace safety by using safer means of production for the well-being of employees.
  • Increase overall profits through automation and the use of different machines.
  • Introduce three new software to the company every year and improve employee satisfaction.
  • Improved process performance by 30% in 3 years using advanced technologies and metrics.
  • Get 80% of free trial users to sign up for Premium and Exquisite plans.
  • Attract five different financiers to invest in the company over 5 years.
  • Gain ten new backlinks in a month to increase page visibility and attract new customers to the business.
  • To clean up contact data on the sales automation platform, reduce visible errors and improve overall productivity.
  • To improve delivery of actionable information faster and do away with the existing trading platform.
  • Deliver 2 million queries per year and ensure users are satisfied with at least 70% of queries.
  • Reduce processing time by 20% and rank higher in search results.
  • Identify underperforming modules to improve system efficiency and increase performance by 40%.
  • Promoting well-being through the use of natural resources in adolescents aged 12 to 18 years.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through the use of modern methods of communication and technology.
  • Improve water sanitation in the neighboring community and eradicate waterborne diseases by 2023.
  • Improved office systems and increased means of production in the second quarter.
  • Increase gas production volume by 50% in the next two years to earn more profit.
  • To eradicate cases of office theft and bridge losses caused by lost equipment.
  • Achieve free education for neighboring communities by 2030 to combat rising illiteracy rates.
  • Completely revolutionize the company's production methods through the use of machines by 2022, in order to save production costs and effort.
  • Achieve safe means of production and 99% waste recycling by June 2022 to combat excessive pollution.
  • 70% reduction in energy consumption to save costs before the next office audit on September 5thº.
  • Engage the local community in the operation of the plant to raise awareness.
  • To encourage the use ofgreen energyto neutralize the growing cases of environmental pollution.
  • Build camps in 20 remote areas with large populations to improve our reach through 2025.
  • Achieve 90% clean energy by January 2022 to reduce pollution.
  • Fully integrate new production methods by July 2021 and increase productivity.
  • Encourage teamwork and employee well-being to encourage achievement and peak performance.
  • Avoiding information loss by adopting advanced storage systems.
  • Promotion of safety at work and minimization of accidents at work.
  • Eliminate security flaws through the use of advanced means of storing information and firewalls.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and increase sales through the use of new marketing techniques.
  • Encourage secure data sharing and prevent data from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Monitor proper resource allocation for 2022 and avoid wasting money and resources.
  • To assess employee skills and assign them to the right departments before the start of the next quarter.
  • Improve employee access to information for better teamwork.


Every project must have a defined objective for proper execution. Objectives form a framework for formulating project objectives. Make sure the objectives align with the organization's vision and mission statement.

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