12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (2023)

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (1)

Human resources employees are responsible for the affairs of the employees in the organization. The more care employees receive, the greater the chance that their performance will improve. Therefore, it is critical to plan HR training topics that promote employee development.

By educating HR professionals on HR training topics, your HR training program can help increase productivity, employee satisfaction and cost savings while mitigating potential risks and legal liabilities.

What are the 7C's of Human Resource Management?

The 7Cs of Human Resource Management, also known as the 7Cs of Human Resource Management, are the fundamental principles or characteristics that guide effective HR practices within an organization. Each "C" represents an important aspect that HR professionals should consider in their role. The 7 C's are as follows:

  1. right: HR professionals must have the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to perform their duties effectively. Competency ensures that HR professionals are proficient in performing a variety of HR functions.
  2. consistency: HR policies and practices should be applied consistently across the organization to promote fairness and equality among employees. Consistency helps build trust and credibility within the workforce.
  3. concern: HR professionals should have a genuine concern for the well-being and development of their employees. Showing empathy and support can create a positive work environment and increase employee engagement.
  4. to communicate: Effective communication is crucial for human resource management. HR professionals must be good communicators to clearly and transparently communicate policies, provide feedback, and address employee concerns.
  5. consistency: HR policies and practices should be aligned with the overall objectives of the organization. Alignment ensures that the HR strategy contributes to the realization of the mission and vision of the organization.
  6. Cost efficiency: Human resource management involves managing resources effectively. HR professionals must balance the cost of an HR learning program with its impact on employee performance and organizational success.
  7. to obey: HR professionals must comply with laws, regulations and ethical standards in their practice. Compliance ensures that an organization operates within the law and upholds ethical standards in its HR activities.

By following the 7Cs of Human Resource Management, organizations can build a strong HR foundation that supports organizational development, engagement and effectiveness. These principles enable HR professionals to make a strategic contribution to the overall success of a company while maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

The 7Cs are great training topics to integrate into your HR training.

1. Onboarding-thema

EffectiveHiringis essential for new hires to get off to a good start in their new workplace. It gives employees a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities and adheres to business topics and rules, making it easier for them to move into new roles. A good start leads to better performance in the longer term, which benefits both the employee and the organization. This HR training topic is critical for new hires, so educating them on the appropriate induction topics, such as OSHA safety regulations, is highly recommended to avoid confusion and delays in the employment process.

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (2)

If you work in retail, EdApp'sOrientation - Retail Courseis a great introductory course and well worth checking out. An HR course can give you an idea of ​​what to include in an HR professional's induction training. It describes how they best embody the retail business values ​​and key practices.

Start orientationSign up for EdApp now.

2. Related technical solutions

In this digital age, companies are using relevant technology solutions to streamline processes across various departments be it human resources, sales, marketing, finance, etc. While adopting innovative software to make employees' work easier is extremely beneficial and desirable it can backfire if they are not positioned properly. With this in mind, this would be a great HR training topic to teach your team how to use the solution, and once they become familiar with it, career productivity will follow.

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (3)

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Managers in any department can use an LMS such aseducational apparriveauteurtheir own workouts. EdApp focuses on micro-learning, so all lessons are delivered in small chunks, making the content interactive and easy to understand.

You can also viewWelcome to EdAppTechnical solutions training. This course is ideal for teaching your HR team how to make the most of EdApps. Workplace Tools training sessions discuss the various capabilities they can find in EdApps, how they can help with HR initiatives and how it can drive employee engagement.

3. Teamwerkworkshop

A great HR training topic is a teamwork workshop. In most companies, employees are usually organized in teams and perform different functions. It is critical that employees develop positive relationships with their colleagues so that they can perform at their best and keep the business running smoothly. One of the best ways to practice team performance is through HR workshops.

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (4)

Working in teams increases team cohesion and energy. For teams to work better together, employees need to be able to identify with each other and share a common goal. A team building exercise or training program is highly recommended to develop camaraderie and create good connections that will be reflected both inside and outside the workplace.

Here are several job related onesVirtual teamwork eventsInteam building courseServe as a guide for your next teamwork training workshop.

Do you want to start an HR teamwork training? educational appembrace teamworkwould be a good starting point. The course describes the need for effective teamwork training and all the ways they can be team players in the workplace.

4. Company culture HR topic

When hiring employees, it is important to communicate the organizational goals and introduce HR topics about the company culture so that they feel like they belong to the team. Attending HR training will open them up to the company's values ​​and help them embed acceptable behavior and day-to-day interactions in the organization.

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (5)

It is ideal if employees can identify with the mission, vision and values ​​of the company, because they contribute to the growth of the organization.

Developing corporate culture training for your team can be a challenge. But then with EdApppreserve cultureThis can of course be much easier. This course will give you an idea of ​​what to include in your corporate culture HR training. It discusses how understanding culture, maintaining it as a leader in an organization, and being consistent contributes to corporate culture.

5. Compliance Training

To protect the rights of employees in an organization, HR compliance officers need to monitor many compliance requirements to ensure that best practices are applied across the company. These laws and regulations include equal employment opportunity, workplace diversity, discrimination and more. In order for the company to comply with state requirements and policies, the Human Resources Compliance Officer must accept itHR compliance trainingor OSHA compliance classes to update their professional knowledge and avoid lawsuits and complaints. Compliance managers are also able to strategically plan how to implement company policies that benefit employees.

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12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (6)

EdApp has a large collection of compliance training topics in its course library. some examples includediscrimination in the workplace,sexual harassment at work,HIPAA-compliant training, InPrivacy Policy. Compliance training is provided on a case-by-case basis, as it depends on the laws and regulations in the region where the organization is located. However, EdApp's training courses can serve as a good guide to the basics of HR compliance training.

6. Ethical checklist

Having a list of good work ethic that is compatible with those of your co-workers is a great benefit as it more or less describes how diligent you are at your job. Whether it's attitude, organizational skills, reliability, productivity or accountability, these all determine how effectively an employee works with others and how the employee's performance will improve.

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (7)

Making work ethic your next HR training topic is sure to accelerate your employees' acclimatization period to commonly accepted behaviors in your organization.

EdApp developedCode of Ethics and ConductTraining sessions can help your employees create a healthy culture and eliminate hostile work environments and workplace abuse. The training explains the ideal business beliefs and principles, but also how to communicate with colleagues and how to approach things appropriately.

7. Time management

Not surprisingly, good time management is crucial to being efficient, as everything is designed to meet deadlines. This way, experts make optimal use of their time and resources to achieve the best results. When it comes to work and productivity, everyone works differently and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. By offering HR training topics such as time management, your employees can determine which technologies work best for them. When they discover what works best for them, productivity and performance increase.

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (8)

Good time management is different for everyone because it depends so much on how someone works. While this may be the case, EdApp'sThe time management guide for sales professionalsCan serve as a good example of how to start time management training. This course briefly discusses what time management is, how to make effective planning and how HR professionals manage their time.

8. HR theme of workplace safety

Companies must comply with legal safety requirements to ensure the health and safety of employees, especially for jobs that involve manual handling and manual labour. To provide workplace safety and security, HR compliance officers should provide training on HR training topics focused on workplace safety, teaching employees everything they need to know about safety procedures. Workplace hazards, injury and death must be avoided at all costs for the health of employees and to avoid legal consequences.

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (9)

Since the topics of workplace safety training are too broad to cover everything, delivering workplace safety training to HR teams can be challenging. But EdApp'ssafety in the workplaceMaybe a good place to start. It covers four basic components of workplace safety. It is specifically designed to support employees in overcoming potential hazards in the workplace and contribute to a safe environment that increases efficiency and effectiveness.

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Need help with this HR training topic and other security compliance topics? Check out these workplace safety training courses:manual processing,chemical safety,Safety training videos,construction safety,hermetic space, Inoffice security

9. Work-life balance

Mental health in the workplace is a major issue, but often not taken seriously. Not everyone deals with it the same way as everyone else, we all deal with it in our own wayset of restrictionsFor employee engagement. Some employees fail to manage their time effectively, separating personal and work lives, leading to burnout and deteriorating mental health.

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (10)

When this happens, their job performance suffers, and that is something that needs to be addressed. You can help your team clarify their needs while providing them with a sense of security by conducting HR training sessions on work-life balance. In addition, knowing that the company cares about their overall well-being will increase employee retention and improve employee job satisfaction and performance.

EdApp created this courseWork-life balance in the same roomHelp your HR team members manage work-life time. It starts by introducing the best home setups while maintaining work-life balance.

Then emphasize the importance of everyday life, such as sleeping 8-10 hours a day, eating on time and enjoying free time. Finally, your HR staff will learn how to set up a home workspace for better ergonomics and efficiency.

10. Inclusion and Diversity Topics

As more and more companies operate globally, employees work with people from different countries and backgrounds. Building a culture of respect in a diverse workplace is critical to promoting a healthy and safe work environment. Exposing employees to HR training topics such as diversity and cultural awareness will benefit companies in the long run as it will reduce employee turnover, workplace conflict and harassment. This allows everyone to appreciate every employee, regardless of race and background.

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (11)

What better DEI training for your HR team than one delivered by a DEI professional?Karamo's diversity, equality and inclusion trainingStart by defining diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI), then delve into unconscious biases and how they affect the workplace. There is also a lecture on micro-aggressions with examples and realistic example scenarios.

11. Anti-Harassment

Employers should instruct their employees on how to report and intervene in workplace harassment incidents (and to whom). In addition, they must be aware of the company's anti-harassment policy so that they can hold those in power accountable if things go wrong. One way to promote trust between employees and management is to demonstrate that principles are adhered to and that rules apply equally to everyone.

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (12)

educational appBullying and Intimidation CourseFind out the differences between the two and educate employees about the many types of workplace harassment. Attention is also paid to cyberbullying, which is becoming more common as people use social media and mobile devices more.

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Bullying will also be discussed, and how bullying can be prevented through personal behavior and workplace rules.

12. Drug Abuse

You can support your drug-free workplace policy by educating employees and managers about the impact of drug use on health, job performance and workplace safety. Describe the importance the company places on the well-being of its employees, their families and the communities in which they live. The risks of substance use and the benefits of substance cessation should be made very clear in employee training programs.

12 HR Training Topics for 2023 | Educational apps (13)

As a leader, it is critical to provide regular drug and alcohol prevention training to support HR teams in preventing and combating drug and substance abuse. You can use EdApps to raise employee awareness about the dangers of drug use and create a safer work environmentDrug and alcohol courses in the workplace

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